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The Nottingham Connection is a printed newsletter that is mailed to alumni of Nottingham High School, which is located in Syracuse, New York. Nottingham was established in 1921, so students have been graduating from the school for more than 80 years. This website includes the contents of of the Spring 2016 edition. To access reunion announcements, news items, and obituaries about graduates of a specific class year, click on "Graduation Year" above.

The website also includes copies of the 2003-present newsletters in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

If you have news or memories that you would like to share about yourself or fellow alums of Nottingham High School for our "From The Mailbag" column, or for a special feature, please send it to us at

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Teachers at Nottingham High School are very grateful for the grants we are able to make each year, thanks to generous donations from readers of the Nottingham Connection. We will soon be soliciting grant requests from teachers for next year. If you are able to help by sending a donation, we would be very grateful. Checks and money orders should be made out to "Nottingham High School" with "Nottingham Connection" in the memo line. Please mail to:

The Nottingham Connection
c/o Nottingham High School
3100 E Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13224.

You may also communicate with the committee that prepares the print edition of The Nottingham Connection -
The committee collects donations for publication and mailing costs, and makes grants to Nottingham teachers for equipment and transportation not covered by the school budget. The committee members and their class year include:

Aaron Knight '03
Adam Felleman '86
Peg Kramer '68
Phil Stone '61
Marlene Konsens ’66
Iris Alpern Maxon '67
Marilyn Zaleon '64
Adam Gaus '48
Paul Harvey

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News and Updates

Wall of Fame 2014

The Wall of Fame event scheduled for October 18, 2014 has been cancelled.

A 1953 Post-Standard article about the "new" Nottingham is online.

Quilt Photos

A photo of the quilt is now available.   In addition, the photo of an individual square is available on the page of the graduation year.

Click here if you want to want to be sure that your class has a quilt piece included.

Bulldog Bricks

Nottingham is transforming its landscape one brick at a time! Purchase an engraved brick and support the greening of the 50-acre yard. Your personalized brick will be placed in Nottingham’s circular entry gardens.  Recognize your year of graduation, celebrate your involvement in a Nottingham activity, or honor a favorite teacher, coach, or administrator.   All funds will go to support the revitalization of Nottingham’s landscape: main entrance shade garden, new trees to provide shade and canopy for the sidewalks, and native shrubbery to screen the parking lots adding color to the school.

Support the Nottingham Library

Nottingham's librarian, Manami Tezuka, is requesting help in meeting library needs.

Because Nottingham has a large special needs population and a large immigrant population, Ms Tezuka tries to find books that will appeal to students who are of high school age but read at a lower-than-high-school level. She has built up the fiction collection from school funds but she would like to build up the non-fiction collection.

If you would like to support the library, checks may be written to the Nottingham Library and sent to Nottingham High School, 3100 E Genesee St. Syracuse NY 13224.

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